miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Super tired! - Lovely gifts ^^

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It really means a lot to me :D
Today was a really cold day, autumn is coming and the sky looks so... grey XD
Anyway, today was really exhausting, we had an intense Oral Pathology class
and then another class... uff! My eyes where also SO irritated becacause I ran
out of eye drops (I wear contact lenses, hate my glasses, but I think I will wear
the glasses tomorrow XD)!!!!
On other news, my mum bought some *Mil Hojas cake*, it´s a cake with manjar
(*dulce de leche*), very popular in Chile :D Sooooo yummy!
I also received some nice tea bags from Japan (thanks Yuki!) and I ´m figuring
out which to try out first: Citrus & Peach, Raspberry & Blueberry or White wine
& Muskat!?

My dad also gave me some german yoghurt gummies that I looove! He brought
them from his last Germany trip^^

Oh, and I made some heart-printed tote bags for two friends who had birthday :)

Ok, that´s for now



PS: Excuse my imperfect English skills! ;D

9 comentarios:

  1. Your english is great. :D
    The tote bag idea is so cute!

  2. Everything u got looks really good and I love the heart printed bags, thanks for showing me ur art works, they are really amazing, I have to admit that I really LOVE ur art works since tehy are really unique, keep up the great work^^

  3. Holaa Angelaa! :D Gracias for your nice comment on my blog ^_^ Welcome to the blogger world! I followed u back ^_~

  4. Hey hun, thank you for the follow and the comment. :) I see that you've just started blogging not too long ago (me too xD). I can tell you're very artistic, can't wait to see your updates!

  5. Hello, Angela! Welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's nice meeting you. Do drop by my blog again. I'll post more pictures of my trip to Japan. Hope you'll like it. :D

  6. the bags look gorgeous!!!
    good work ^^


  7. I looove yoghurt gums^^ pretty cute blog! keep doing it!

    p.s. thanks for visiting me!

  8. your bags look so cute! have to start a diy-project ;)